HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine

HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine
HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine
  • Model: HF-DZ-1
    Product Name: Computerized Single-Needle Quiliting Machine
    Application: Mattress
    Place of origin: Guangdong,China(mainland)
    Certificates: ISO9001:2000
    Minimum Order: 1 Set
    Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
    Payment Terms: L/C T/T
    Packaging Details: Film Packing/Wooden Case
    Delivery: 7~15 working days
  • HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine
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HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine

HF-DZ-1  Computerized Single-Needle Quilting Machine

Products Description

It is widely used for quilting high-quality mattresses, household ornaments,and carpet cushions, etc. The machine high running speed, low vibration, easy to operation, the high quilting precision , and the production speed is fast.

Technical Characteristics

1.The self-designed industrial quilting head has stable quality and reliable performance, and the maximum speed can reach 2000RPM.

2.supporting industrial-grade extra large rotary hook, both automatic broken line detection and step quilting embroidery function, pneumatic loose wire cutting line accurate.

3.Replenish the broken seam quilting, and the presser foot can adjust the height according to the material thickness.

4.the powerful memory computing computer carrier, can accurately quilt a variety of complex graphics, but also can arbitrarily arbitrarily, even if intermittently start to ensure the continuity of the pattern quilting

5.support 360 degree independent flower quilting and rotary quilting, can store up to 3000 patterns.

6. The system is compatible with all quilting file formats and pattern-making systems on the market.

7. with on-time production count, total output count, pattern effect display, processing track display, automatic needle lifting, reset compensation, reinforcement quilting and other functions.

8.New full-closed section correction function, back-off parameter correction function, corner speed quilting function.

9.The four-axis is controlled by Japanese high-power servo motor with high precision, low noise and vibration, and accurate and stable operation.

10.The upgraded version is automatically clamped, and the feeding and pulling operation is easy.

11.improve the cutting function, cross-cutting and trimming more accurate and error-free.

Technical Specification

Model HF-DZ-1
Quilting width ≤2400mm
Quilting thickness ≤80mm
Needle model DP×1721#/22#/23#
Stitch length 2-6mm
Rotating speed of needle 2000RPM
Capacity 40-120m/h
Total power 8.8kw
Voltage 3-Phase,380V,50Hz/ 3-Phase,220V,50Hz
Gross weight 3500Kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 10000×4500×1600mm


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